4 Ways To Defensively Ride A Motorcycle In The City

by Andrew Smith
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Riding your motorcycle in and out of the different city streets could be challenging at times. It is because of the jam-packed traffic condition, broken pathways, under-construction roads, and due to various other reasons. It is imperative on the part of every single two-wheeler rider to ride a bike defensively instead of showing offensive behavior on the road.

Being defensive is mandatory during two-wheeler riding, especially during the increased cases of road rage, numerous accidents, and unexpected happenings on the city streets. Riding your motorcycle defensively gives you an opportunity to safely reach your destination well on time. Not only this, it further helps you maintain the overall performance and engine of your motorcycle to an optimum extent.

So, in case, you already have a bike or looking forward to buy online bike of your favorite brand, you must know the defensive riding measures. Here in this blog, we will be sharing five imperative ways to defensively ride your motorcycle without meeting any accidents or hurting yourself.

1. Assume everyone sees you on the road

There is a wide range of people on the road including that pedestrian, other two-wheelers, four-wheelers, big-size vehicles, and much more to see. But for a bike rider, not every single person or vehicle is visible while riding. And due to this sometimes, riders become offensive and try to ignore the respective traffic and people on the city street.

But such things should not happen while looking for a safe riding experience. It is essential on your part to see the maximum possible thing on the road that allows you to ride safely, confidently, and more effectively. You need to take your own time and observation to measure the distance between other vehicles and people on the city streets to ride safely and protectively.

2. Try to be seen in the eyes of others

Just like in the above-mentioned point, we have recommended that two-wheeler riders see everything on the road and ride safely. Similarly, it is essential on your part to be seen in the eyes of other vehicles and people on the road. That means you should always have your headlight and taillight of the motorcycle on while riding at night. Doing this helps all the vehicles and people to see you on the road without fail.

Even during the daytime, use your motorcycle horn to catch the attention of individuals and stay on a safe ride while riding. Just make sure not to use too much honking to create unnecessary noise pollution in the ecosystem. Additionally, try to wear highly visible riding gear or clothing to become visible in the eyes of onlookers. Even during the jam-packed traffic condition, you can stay clearly visible and ensure a fully protective ride ahead without any hassle.

3. Diligently follow the traffic rules

This particular defensive technique cannot be ignored at any sort of cost. Every single vehicle owner, whether a two-wheeler or four-wheeler rider has to follow all the assigned traffic rules to stay safe on the road. Especially for the motorcycle or the scooter rider, it is imperative to diligently follow the traffic rules and regulations.

You have to understand the fact that most accidents and unnecessary mishappenings on the road mostly happen due to a series of traffic violations. So, you must follow all the traffic rules without fail to stay safely on the road.

4. Avoid fighting with fellow riders

This technique is for those who are on the aggressive side of riding a motorcycle at high speed. There are instances when you will encounter such riders on the city streets who try to overtake you abruptly and might cause trouble to your ride. On the other side, you might become aggressive too while stuck in the traffic for too long or sometimes sidelined by another ride beside you.

Well, there is no point in becoming aggressive while riding and getting into argument with any stranger around. Make sure to maintain your calm from inside and your eyes along with concentration on the road to stay on the safer ride.

Concluding Thoughts

Experience a safe yet defensive motorcycle ride while covering a great deal of distance within the jam-packed city quarters. Follow the traffic rules, stay at peace, and see the people in the city ride effectively and protectively.

Being defensive is essential not just for the existing riders but also for people looking for the best two-wheeler for ladies or even bikes for daily commutation purposes. Concerning the same, you can decide to buy a Hero two-wheeler directly at the eShop Hero Motocorp platform.

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