Amazing attractions in Dubai that set world records

Dubai always prefer to do things bigger and better. The city loves challenge and figure out to surpass them. if we have a look at the Dubai world records you don’t know about, the tallest building in the world is something that everyone knows about. Along with this, the largest shopping and the largest vertical maize has also set the Guinness World Records in Dubai that you’re in the dark about. However, this city is holding hundreds of world records that people from all round the world love to explore. If you want to know some of them, the blog is just for you. Let’s discover some of the fascinating world records for Dubai tours that the city of gold has to offer.

  • Largest man-made marina

Dubai Marina is an impressive community boasting luxury skyscrapers, an extensive range of dining as well as entertainment options. Dubai marina includes world’s largest man-made canal along with an urban waterfront living to its residents. The place is also a popular area for renting luxury apartments in Dubai. A pivotal feature of multi-purpose neighborhood is the large canal stretching over 3.5 km providing access to the sea on both ends. Yacht rental Dubai marina is quite popular entertainment option among locals and visitors. Sky touching buildings are set against the gorgeous backdrop of the marina. You can also arrange various types of events such as wedding, birthday, or corporate event on the yacht.

  • World’s largest man-made picture frame

Dubai frame is one of the latest iconic Dubai attractions in Dubai at Zabeel Park. This picture frame holds the Guinness World Record. At a soaring height of 150 meters, the Frame is boasting sweeping and panoramic views of both Old and New Dubai. Dubai Frame is a 25 sqm glass panel bridge giving the visitors the experience of walking on air. Moreover, there’s also an immersive gallery that showcases the past as well as make predictions regarding Dubai’s future. Hence, if you haven’t visited this long picture frame yet, knowing it holds a spectacular world record.

  • The tallest building in the world

Back in 2011, the city of gold broke the world record for the world’s tallest building. The Burj Khalifa, located in the heart of Dubai is an iconic skyscraper with an astounding height of 828 meters. Burj Khalifa is a beautiful structure well- known for its breathtaking construction as well as modern design giving the UAE a neo-futurist style. Along with 26,000 hand-cut glass panels, the impressive building is twice the height of the Empire State Building. people from all round the world come to visit this amazing world record as Dubai tour is incomplete without visiting Burj Khalifa.

  • Largest Arabic wooden dhow

One of the fascinating world records in Dubai is for the largest sailing dhow. It’s a traditional sailing vessel that set the record in 2020. The record was achieved by Majid Obaid Bin Majid Al Falasi and Sons for building the world’s largest Arabic wooden dhow. Named Obaid, the dhow measures a length of 91.47 meters and 20.41 meters wide. It makes the dhow equal to the length of an average American football field.

  • The largest Mall in the world

Dubai mall, the world’s largest shopping mall is with a size of 1.1 million square meters. More than 1200 retail shops and hundreds of dining options are there. Along with this, there are several Malls in Asia including New South China Mall as well as Golden Resources Mall in China that claim to be larger in the leasable area and shops.

  • The deepest pool in the world

The gorgeous marvel has become opened its doors in 2021 as well as become a huge hit. Deep Dive Dubai is a record-breaking attraction along with categories for all levels of divers. It’s an incredible 14 million liters of water pool with a depth of 60 meters. This adrenaline-fueled facility has also gained popular worldwide traction for few months. Moreover, a sunken city, this quirky streetscape ranges from amazing facilities from foosball to snooker. The deepest pool is must to visit excursion. It is also the world’s deepest swimming pool.

Hence, that finishes up the list of some of the Dubai world records that you didn’t know about. Dubai city is getting popular and we can’t wait to see what other world records will be hold.




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