Care for Your Car Windows with These 5 Car Window Maintenance Tips

Car windows are the most ignored parts of the car exterior. Now one might think that while cleaning the car, they clean the windows. Then how is it ignored? Cleaning the windows with soap, water, or cleaner is not enough. Once in a while, one must take care of the windows with the proper car window mainteCnance tips.

The glass windows of the car must stay clean to maintain its longevity. The windshields and wiper blades are equally important. They need proper servicing once every few months to ensure optimum performance. With easy car window maintenance tips, any car owner can maintain the pristine condition of their car windows. 

The best quality windshield, like the Bosch wiper blades, has an aerodynamic wind deflector that puts up with strong winds. The down force keeps the blade in place even during high-speed driving when the wind blows full force.

The windshields give clear visibility for optimum safe driving. But sometimes, they may not be enough to protect the car windows. In case of heavy winds, storms or heavy snowfall, it is best to get car modification accessories like a car cover to keep the car safe.

The 5 Best Car Window Maintenance Tips

  • The Windshield Covers Make The Windows Scratchproof

The car windshield has the same makeup as the glasses. Their fragility and composition are the same. It means just like the glasses, the car windows are also exposed to getting scratched. If there are any scratches or spots on the windshield, it is bound to limit and bar your vision.’ =

Even though scratches at first are negligible, over time, as they build up, they will cause problems for visibility. It could lead to distortions and glare, making it dangerous for anyone to drive through heavy traffic. 

You are using car window maintenance tips like a protective windshield cover for your Bosch windshields. It protects the glass from damage from flying objects and strong winds. 

  • Do Not Slam The Car Doors

As a car owner, you know you are not supposed to slam the car doors to close them. It isn’t good for the car door and its hinges. But did you know it is equally bad for car windows? Slamming the car doors over time causes excess vibration throughout the car body. These vibrations can damage the car windows.

The guiding channels of the windows will get loose. Repeatedly slamming the door might also damage the regulator. According to the car window maintenance tips avoiding slamming the door will keep the hinges in place. 

It is crucial as it prevents the window from falling into the door. Once in a while, closing the door hard will not affect the hinges or the window. 

  • Cleaning The Windows With The Correct Cloth

It is very important to use the right cleaning cloth. The Michelin glass cleaning cloth gives the best cleaning results. You can use it dry or damp as per needs. Spray a little cleaner liquid onto the cloth and then start cleaning. Occasionally fold the cloth as you clean, so the dirt does not go over to the cleaned surface.

Following the best car window maintenance tips, the Michelin cloth is very convenient as it has microfibers. The microfibers pick up even the finest of dust. It leaves a crystal-clear glass surface. It is imperative that one gently cleans the car windows. 

Wiping the window with the microfiber cloth in side-to-side motions helps to cover the area efficiently. The Michelin cloth is the best as it is gentle on the windows. The Michelin cloth, unlike others, leaves no water streaks after cleaning. 

  • Cleaning Inner Surface Vs. Outer Surface Of The Windows 

There are different car window maintenance tips for cleaning the inner and outer surfaces of the windows. The cleaning method will differ as the two parts experience different atmospheres. The inner window has a film exposed to the AC vents’ chemical build-up. On the other hand, the outer part has constant exposure to dirt, water, debris and weather, amongst many others.

The outer surface suffers more wear and tear. Hence it requires a little more care and maintenance. Folding the cloth before cleaning the exterior windows allows one to use both sides without washing it. 

According to the best car window maintenance tips, starting with the front at the windshields is best. Then go to the sides—work from top to bottom. Circular motions leave swirls. Wipe the inner side of the windows with a damp towel. Then spray with the cleaner and clean it off.

  • Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure 

Avoid exposing the car windows to unnecessary and excessive sun heat and sunlight. Excessive heat can warp the glass. The windshields will suffer from long-lasting damage

The car cover from Carorbis will protect the whole car from the sun’s UV rays. It will also protect the car from harsh weather conditions like hailstorms or heavy rains. Following these few car window maintenance tips will keep your car in the best condition for years.  

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