Cable Internet Alternatives You Should Know About

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Cable Internet Alternatives

When you are living in a big city, you have multiple internet options to choose from. Usually, these internet services are offered via cable. Therefore, most IPs offer cable and phone service too alongside the internet. But what options do people have if they are interested in cable internet?

Luckily, some options do not necessarily require a wired connection. For example, you can stay connected to the internet using Spectrum mobile plans or some other mobile network. Other than that, you can opt for other completely wireless options too.

The following are the 4 other options you can avail instead of cable internet:


Most of the wireless internet options work through a fixed internet tower. These signals are emitted from communication towers and received at the users’ routers at home. The concept is similar to how most cellular companies offer the internet to customers.

Where it is a similar concept to a mobile 4G connection, it is a much better option than relying on the mobile hotspot. The speeds may not differ a lot in these cases but a phone will be bound to be a WiFi hotspot. Also, continuous use can heat your device. Another thing to consider is the fact that cellular data plans for mobiles are generally skimpy. The data is generally not enough to power your laptops and other devices. Lastly, it is not very practical to use a mobile hotspot as your internet router, unless it is an emergency.

The eligibility criteria for this type of internet connection is that your area is covered by a 4G network. Since most regions get solid coverage, chances are that 4G LTE options are available in your zone too. So, it is one of the options you can adopt.

Satellite Internet

Some rural regions may not have the option of 4G LTE or not dependable coverage. So, what can internet users do to be in the range of satellite internet? The answer is that they don’t have to do anything since this type of internet has massive coverage in most areas. Also, it is completely wireless and you only need a device to receive and spread the signal.

With these qualities, satellite internet may seem like the best option out there. But this type of internet has its set of woes too. For starters, the prices of the internet can be significantly higher than other options. On top of that, the latency and signal strength are not the very best. Even video calls may not be as good compared to other types of internet options. Also, online multiplayer games may not get you a similar experience.

5G (Fixed Wireless in City)

Wireless internet through an internet tower in the cities can be a good option too. It operates exactly how the 4G LTE internet works in rural areas. But in this case, the internet speeds and signal strengths can be much higher. However, your connection should be offering 5G internet. Not to mention, you have to be in the company’s coverage zone.

The fixed wireless internet in cities can get you up to 200mbps to 1gbps speeds. In addition to fast speeds, 5G has incredibly low latency which makes it good for streaming and gaming. Gamers will be more than happy to use the connection to play their games with low ping.

Some problems you may face with the connection include high prices and limited data. But it is still generally better and more affordable than satellite internet.


If you don’t count Fiber as cable, since it is different from cable internet, it is another excellent cable-less internet option. The speeds on fiber are superb and suited for gaming, streaming, downloading, and so much more.

But it is crucial to connect to a fast provider with dependable service. You can check the availability of fiber connections in your zone. And if your area has coverage, getting one of these connections can sort not just yours but the whole family’s internet needs. You can simultaneously use the connection on multiple devices like mobiles, laptops, and PCs.

Apart from speeds, you get generous data limits. Your whole family can use it without worrying. The price of Fiber is not the most affordable. But fast speeds and no small data limits make these connections valuable for your money. So, these are some worth considering options for you.

These four are the internet options you can choose besides cable internet. See which one is suitable for your needs and available in your area before signing up.

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