Chanderi Sarees: The Evergreen Choice of Designers

Chanderi sarees have artistic hues in patterns on the saree carved to bring out the best designs in a saree. They are rich in fabric and weaving and considerably express our local culture. This is why designers have continuously preferred getting the Chanderi sarees in their couture. It amplifies the look and helps you choose the look you want.

The borders on these sarees are shining gold or silver to enhance the patterns on the saree. 

The embroidery used on these sarees is significantly aesthetic, giving your Indian look a complete charm. This Chanderi fabric is overall a statement-making piece of garment. It has now crossed the classic sarees and is made into dupattas and other similar outfits. 

These beautiful chanderi silk saree are majorly made of pure silk fabric or silk cotton fabric. These chanderi sarees have existed since the 13th century and still significantly hold a position in today’s modern fashion world. Let us discuss some of the reasons why these sarees are evergreen.

Why Do Designers Choose Chanderi Sarees?


Designers have yet again chosen to make Chanderi silk sarees their top couture choice for the bridal outfits they design. Below are the top reasons designers prefer these sarees over others in the market.

  • Motifs

On a Chanderi silk saree, the patterns drawn and motifs used are designs of floral artistic mementos, cultural coins, and the national bird of India to give a more traditional look to these sarees. But these sarees also have elevated and extended to the modern designs of sharp geometric cuts over and above the minimalistic look of traditional patterns. These make them evergreen to wear with new embroidery and traditional embroidery meeting on this fabric of Chanderi.

  • Heritage

These sarees have been a part of Indian culture and heritage since before fashion. Therefore, the silk sarees depict the culture of India and are more in touch with the heritage. Kanchipuram silk sarees are woven from pure silk and are prominent in Southern India. These have been the go-to choice for brides on their D-Day for generations.

  • Fabric Texture

These sarees are shiny and transparent- they are thin, and the shine is so lusty on the eyes that you would not think once before making a purchase. This is also one of the fabrics that designers use to elevate the overall look of their saree. The sparkling texture of these sarees is known to elevate the saree’s overall look and ensures that the woman wearing it is highlighted and stands out from the crowd.

  • Zari Border

Zari is the use of added shimmer gold and silver on the border of the saree. These borders were the homes to royal outfits since the 13th century, which is also back to when the Chanderi silk saree dates back. It gives an overall royal look and enhances the patterns and motifs with sophistication.

To Sum Up

A Chanderi silk saree in your cupboard will make a valuable addition to your closet in your fashion collection. These sarees are not new. They have existed forever, and you can always find them in your mother’s and grandmother’s cupboards. Adding the right accessories and choosing the right patterns, these sarees can create a gaudy look or a simplistic look, whatever your choice is.

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