Chloe Pacey (Brenton Thwaites Spouse) Bio, Age, Career, Kids, Net Worth

Chloe Pacey is an Australian native best known as the wife of Brenton Thwaites, an Australian actor. Despite being married to a celebrity, not little is known about Choe’s personal life; she met Brenton while they were completing Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and Brenton spoke to him.

Her parents welcomed Chloe into the world in Perth, Australia. She was born and bred in Perth, Australia. Even though she is married to a celebrity, little is known about Choe’s personal life.

Family of Chloe Pacey

Brenton Thwaites Spouse has kept her personal life private, making it difficult for the public to learn more about her. Therefore, any information regarding her parents and their current whereabouts is unclear.

We tried to learn more about her family but were unsuccessful because no such information was available in the public domain. The names of her parents are, therefore, yet unknown. The existence of her siblings is likewise unknown. We will update this section whenever this information is available.

Yet, we are aware that she has a brother by the name of Bear. Additionally, Chloe Pacey is an Australian who is of white ethnicity.

Age & Birth-Date of Chloe Pacey

Chloe was born and bred in Perth, Australia will turn 33 in 2022. Perth, Australia, was the place of her birth on October 3, 1989. Her astrological sign is Libra.

Chloe Pacey Career

What else does Chloe do other than being Brenton’s gorgeous partner? She is, after all, a professional artist. In addition, she is a student of naturopathy who enjoys spending time in nature and using natural treatments that promote self-healing.

Additionally, Pacey enjoys drawing abstract art and has a broad range of interests. As a mother, Chloe actively promotes “Normalizing Breastfeeding” as a cause. She doesn’t think twice about posting pictures of herself breastfeeding on social media.

Many expressed their anger with the photographs she provided and weren’t thrilled with them. However, Chloe wasn’t going to let it go so quickly. She shared a picture of herself nursing her daughter on social media in 2016 with the remark, “Breastfeeding.”

Breastfeeding should be normalized. Midway through 2016, I’ve already heard twice from WOMEN to put it away and hide. Who for? The males? The kids, right? Who? Anywhere, at any time, we should be able to feed our infant with a boob. While Chloe Pacey continued to talk about it, her frustration could be seen in her captions.

Chloe Pacey’s Net Worth

By 2022, Pacey’s net worth is expected to range between $100,000 and $1,000,000. This includes her possessions, funds, and earnings.

Her principal source of money is her job. She has amassed money via her numerous income streams but likes to live a humble lifestyle. At the same time, her partner Brenton has an $8 million fortune.

Social Media

Her public account, @chloepacey, is where her fans follow her. At the time, Chloe Pacey had 15.5k Instagram followers.

Brenton Thwaites, Chloe Pacey’s Spouse

If there is one thing we know and have information about, it is her romantic life. As everyone knows, she gained notoriety due to her romance with actor Brenton Thwaites.

People are keen to discover whether or not the two have a legal partnership. Some sources indicate that the two are married but have kept the information private. Whatever the case, they are undeniably in love right now.

Chloe Pacey and Brenton Thwaites have a happy marriage. They first connected while he was filming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales in 2015, and they have been dating ever since.

Brenton Thwaites (born August 10 1989) is a well-known Australian actor. He first starred in the soap opera Home and Away before landing the lead part in the television series Slide.

Thwaites has played prominent roles in the movies Blue Lagoon: The Awakening (2012), Oculus (2013), The Giver (2014), Gods of Egypt (2016), and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales since migrating to the United States (2017). In 2018, he debuted as Dick Grayson in the DC Universe/HBO Max series Titans.

Children of Chloe Pacey

Chloe Pacey and her husband are the joyful parents of two daughters, Birdie and Pippa.


Simple things like wedding bands and marriages become unimportant when two people’s hearts connect. And no one may understand this more than Chloe Pacey, who gained notoriety for her romance with actor Brenton Thwaites.

However, Brenton Thwaites Spouse is not the kind to leverage her husband’s success for personal gain. She strongly supports the cause of mainstream breastfeeding and is also an artist. In short, she is a fierce, passionate, and independent lady.

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