Common TV Problems And Their Fixes Suggested By Lawrence’s TV Repair Shops

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Common TV Problems

A TV is a necessary part of many people’s lives as you will spend several hours on it almost daily. Moreover, today’s modern flat-screen TVs are costly as they come with many advanced features. TVs are fragile, and like every other electronics, they are also prone to damage. Some minor issues can be fixed by the user, while others require assistance from experts from a TV repair shop in Lawrence, KS. In this blog, we have compiled a list of typical TV issues along with solutions. Keep reading!

Common TV Problems – Solutions Recommended by TV Repair Experts

Here is a list of the most common TV problems and their respective solutions suggested by experts from Lawrence, KS’s tv repair shops.

No Picture Even Though the TV Turns On

There are many reasons why a TV turns on, but there is no picture.

The most common and logical explanation would be that your TV may be set to an incorrect input. Simply by pressing the “TV/Video” or “input,” “source” keys on your Television controller, you can often switch the input. Press the button to switch to the correct input. This should get the picture back.

If you use the right input but still don’t see a picture, you should check if the satellite receiver or the cable is turned on and that all wires are tight. If you have done that, try resetting the cable box by replugging it.

Try using a different device if it doesn’t fix the problem. You should call your service provider for support if you can see a picture on the other device, as this indicates that there is probably a problem with your connection or the box itself.

Video is Not in Sync with Audio

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing somebody’s lips move but not hearing what they say. You hear a person say something after their mouth stops moving. It’s like listening to a voice-over in a foreign language. To fix this problem, head to the sound settings on the TV or your cable box and adjust the “audio delay” option.

Hearing an Echo

If you are hearing an echo, you may have an external audio system, such as a built-in stereo sound system. You are most likely hearing an echo because both of your sound systems (external and TV speakers) are turned on.  

If there is an external sound system, you should not play sound through the TV speakers as it constantly generates an echo. The separate sound system you have is likely better in quality. 

You should only use the external sound system and reduce or mute your TV speakers’ volume. This should fix the echo problem instantly.

Broken or Pixelated Picture

You may have a weak signal if the Television picture is breaking up  (poor pixelation). To ensure that all the wiring is done right, check the cables from the wall to the cable box and your cable box to the TV. If you are still facing problems, it is time to call your service provider.

Horizontal Lines on the Screen

Open the TV menu if your display has lines. Your screen panel needs to be changed if lines are running through the menu or if the screen is damaged. Take your TV to a renowned TV repair shop in Lawrence, KS.  Keep in mind that this repair can be expensive.

If your TV has a warranty and the panel has lines, your TV will probably be replaced. A warranty wouldn’t cover the screen if it were physically shattered. Therefore you would regrettably have to buy a new television.

Visit Your Nearest TV Repair Shop in Lawrence, KS

Do you live in Lawrence, Kansas or nearby? Are you having problems with your TV? If so, what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest Tv repair shop. Luckily, Lawrence, KS is home to the TV repair sector; many reliable TV repair shops operate here, like Budget Repair. As the name suggests, their repairs are affordable, and their technicians have the experience and skills required to repair TVs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common signs of a damaged TV screen?

Here are the most common signs of a damaged TV screen;

  • Colour distortion.
  • Lines and Bars.
  • Fading Screen.
  • Image Retention.
  • Dead Pixels.
  • Fuzzy Screen.

Why does a TV screen get pixelated?

Common causes include defective antenna connection and cabling, unfavourable weather, or nearby electrically powered equipment. Retuning the TV is usually the easiest fix, but if it doesn’t work, you’ll need to call a TV repair shop.

Can leaving my TV on for a long time damage it?

While you can leave a still image on the screen for at least two hours, frequently doing so can result in either temporary or long-term image burn-in.

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