Face Verification Services – Mitigating the Risks of Fraudulent Activities

In modern times, face verification services are used by many companies to ensure their employees’ authenticity.  Face scanner helps companies to do the verification of clients during their onboarding process. However, other biometric techniques are also used to verify users’ IDs. For example fingerprint scanning and eye detection.

Moreover, with the help of KYC face verification services, the selfies of consumers are verified with the image of an ID card through AI-based technology. Accurate verification of users’ IDs can be done using AI-powered technology. It is a foolproof method, as it provides secure and authentic services to check the identity of clients and detects fake or suspicious user IDs. Furthermore, organizations use face verification services to ensure a risk-free environment and correct verification of employees.

How is Face Scanning done?

Face scanner verifies customers’ identities and helps organizations work efficiently. Nowadays this technology is also being used in mobile phones. Some methods through which face scanning works are:

  • Upload a Picture

The user captures a picture or a selfie and then uploads it on the facial recognition software to verify their IDs.

  • Facial Analysis

The captured picture is matched by the camera with users’ real-time or database records. Necessary facial features are verified to check whether the user is authentic or suspicious activity is happening.

  • Comparison of Facial Features

The database or captured records are used to match users’ facial features using face verification software. It gives the required access to the user after detecting the faceprints and checking the clients’ authenticity. 

Reduction in Touchpoints

A diverse workforce is required for other verification methods like iris scans and palm prints etc. Facial recognition systems reduce the number of touchpoints at airports or other high-risk places so people don’t have to make physical contact in order to unlock the door or to complete other entry checks.

Benefits of Facial Recognition Services 

Face verification services help organizations identify user IDs using face verification software. It reduces the chance of scams as it limits fraudsters from misusing any business credentials. Facial recognition companies are a must for organizations in order to make their credibility better in the market and to make people trust them.

Following are some benefits of facial recognition services that allow organizations to increase their business and credibility.

  • Unlocking of Phone

Mobile phones are one of the most used devices and have started to unlock without entering a password. It is due to the implementation of facial recognition verification technology as mobile phones are now smart enough to detect their authentic user. It is a foolproof technology and has dot projectors that scan the facial features of a person.

  • Detect Criminals and Find Missing Users

Face verification system helps companies to check for authentic customer onboarding by comparing the facial identification features. It is also used by the law execution authorities to verify fraudsters who use fake identities. Face verification services are also used by the police in order to identify a criminal by matching their faceprints.

  • Enhanced Security at Airports

Airports are very high-risk areas and require a foolproof security system. Therefore, they use face recognition technology to maintain safety measures. This allows them to improve their services as passengers reach the entry gates using facial recognition techniques.

  • Reduction of Fraudulent Activities in Organizations

Previously, business owners used security cameras only, but now they use them with artificial intelligence-based face verification software. It verifies the identity of a user within no time. It also helps companies to gain consumers’ trust.

  • Better Customer Experience

Face verification services enhance the overall user experience through quick facial verification of IDs. It also lessens the requirement of an in-person verification process as it consumes a lot of time. Thus, consumers can have digital identity verification using facial recognition methods.

AML Compliance and KYC Verification

Automated Know Your Customer (KYC)-powered verification is one of the best face recognition techniques as it plays an important role in the customer onboarding strategy. It also helps banks as it is giving them an added edge in the protection of their assets and transaction monitoring. 


In this day and age, the implementation of face verification services has been done in almost every organization. It is essential for companies as it allows them to identify an authentic user through their facial features. It has been very beneficial in enhancing business growth by detecting suspicious activities.

It is a quick method of user ID authentication, which as a result, increases the client onboarding process. With the inclusion of artificial intelligence and machine learning-based systems, the KYC face verification services allow companies to identify user identities rapidly and with zero human errors. It also provides a risk-free environment and discourages fraudsters from manipulating the business.

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