Gautami Kawale (Youtuber) Birthday, Age, Height, And More!

India’s Gautami Kawale is a well-known model, YouTube star, and Instagram celebrity. She has a popular YouTube channel called Slayy Point, which has over 5.26 million subscribers. She enjoys filming humorous videos as well as Vlogs of her daily activities. She follows instructions and tries to be creative with each video.

Her unique communication style with her followers and the breathtaking stuff she communicates increase her audience’s admiration for her. She records numerous tricks, challenges, Q&As and much more. She has been in a lot of videos. She gained notoriety for her Acts. She enjoys a sizable fan base. One of the most moving young women on Instagram, she is. An Indian YouTuber named Gautami Kawale. Among the two individuals who make up the well-known YouTube channel “Slayy Point” is Gautami Kawale.

She has a very endearing personality. She enjoys dressing in her traditional Indian attire and showing it off to her fans on her many online media accounts because she is an Indian at heart. Let’s read this article to examine Gautami Kawale birthday and lifestyle.

Personal Information

Gautami Kawale birthday is October 29, 1998. She was grown and born in India. Although, Gautami Kawale age is 23 years old as of 2022, and her solar sign is Scorpio. Her parents, siblings, other family members, and educational background are all unknown.

Educational Life

There is no information about her academic life as she keeps her personal life private. Despite this, she might be a high schooler judging by her age and accomplishments. She might also have grown up in a loving, caring home with her parents’ constant love and support.

Date of Birth & Age

On October 29, 1998, Gautami Kawale was born. India is where she was born and raised. Her son is Scorpio, and Gautami Kawale age is presently 23 years old.

Physical Stats

She has a well-maintained and appealing body figure. Her physical characteristics are not further described. Contrarily, Gautami Kawale is physically fit and healthy. She also has dark brown eyes and black hair that is wavy.

Height & Weight

Gautami Kawale stands 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs about 58 Kg.

Relationship Status

Frequently, the public has the wrong idea about their friendship with their teammate. Gautami Kawale is regarded as a friend and teammate by Abhyudaya Mohan. She is not dating him, even though they are close friends. Additionally, she has made this claim in a number of their interviews and videos. She is single at the moment and focusing on her profession.

Career Stats

Gautami and her YouTube companion Abhyudaya Mohan originally named their channel Silly Point. They set out to create the first cricket fan channel in the country. As a result, Gautami Kawale and Abhyudaya co-founded the YouTube channel Slayy Point. Videos on topics relevant to millennials are also available.

Additionally, Angry Prash has made several appearances in videos on her collaboration channel. As a result, it features sections such as “Worst Lyrics in Bollywood Songs” and “YouTube India Trending Page.” Priya Prakash Varrier was also seen in a YouTube video on their channel titled “News Reporting Gone Wrong!” Additionally, more than 3.1 million subscribers watch videos like “This is Why Foreigners Love Indians,” “Worst Lyrics in Bollywood Songs,” and “Silly Unboxing & Reviews | Thanks Technical Guruji || SILVER PLAY BUTTON.”

The channel also features funny videos about millennial-friendly subjects like the internet, Bollywood, social media, and other unimportant aspects of daily life. They have also performed interviews with Abhyudaya Mohan for YouTube channels, including Radio City India, BeerBiceps, India Forums, Flying Beast, K. D. R., Rockstar Dude, and others.

As the Binod memes gained popularity, they unveiled Who Is the Real Binod in a new video. When this video was posted on August 8, 2020, it already had over 15 million views.

Social Media

She frequently uploads photos to her Instagram account showing off her fashionable attire. She has continued to increase her ubiquity across many web-based media platforms. Gautami is a powerhouse of the opulent Indian lifestyle, which has become well-known thanks to her Instagram presence.

Gautami Kawale is one of the renowned powerhouses, with more than 377K followers worldwide. As a model she started her career and gained notoriety through her Instagram account, where she shares pictures of her toned body. She also makes a living from all the paid work with the major brands. She has had a significant impact on the entertainment and fitness industries.

She has a huge following and a strong brand because of her incredible sense of style. She has been in a lot of videos. She gained notoriety for her Acts. She is one of the most moving young women on Instagram. Mostly she posts pictures of herself on Instagram wearing fashionable outfits and displaying them.

She has continued to increase her ubiquity across many web-based media platforms. Her huge success can be attributed mainly to her creativity; her originality has caught the attention of a few corporations all over the world. She gained renown for her stunning photographs and videos. She became recognizable for her unique features, engaging grin, elegance, and fantastic character. Her online media profile is growing incredibly quickly. Although you can see her in photo shoots for models.

She co-runs a well-known Youtube channel with Abhyudaya that has amassed 5.26M+ subscribers and posts amusing videos, vlogs, challenges, Q&As, and travel videos.

Net Worth

She might make a lot of money from her YouTube career. In addition to receiving money from YouTube, they work with companies like MIVI and others. On the other hand, their YouTube channel has a net value of $1.4 million, but her personal earnings are unknown.


Gautami Kawale is a well-known model, Instagram sensation, and YouTube celebrity. She has a lot of fan following as a result of her hard work. It’s no secret that she is a career-driven person who works hard to assure a bright future. In order to succeed, she put in a lot of effort.

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