Guide to Remote Management & Scheduling of Outdoor Display Sign Control Systems

Advertising is one of the keys to any business’s success. With the changing time, methods of advertising have also evolved. But gone are those days when printed roadside billboard advertising and static outdoor banners were used for company and product branding.

Now, the entire advertising world is switching to digital presentation mode with both indoor and outdoor display signs. The huge advantage it brings over conventional billboards makes it a popular choice in the market.

Digital displays broadly use LCD, LED, and plasma displays to broadcast content. You can find affordable and effective outdoor display signs and mobile LED screens for hire that facilitate you to showcase your product to the crowd efficiently.

These displays can also be controlled remotely, and this article discusses everything you need to know about it.

Why should you hire LED-based Outdoor Display Signs?

LED display signs communicate impressively to both external and internal audiences. Besides, messages to the larger and targeted audience can be scheduled and updated remotely and instantly from anywhere at the desired location.

Furthermore, the latest technology produces unmatched quality and performance, ideal for advertising and messaging at indoor and outdoor locations or public events.

A few other advantages are as follows.

  • Wide coverage: They can cover vast areas creating a life-size coverage for your intended message.
  • Flexibility: Mobile digital screens are suitable for almost any location, each with different specifications and power requirements that can be displayed for any number of hours.
  • Easy to revise: Unlike conventional billboards, the LED displays can be updated as per the client’s desire at any point in time.
  • User-friendly: The display can be viewed during the day, night, or both if required.
  • Environment friendly: They have a unique feature that can run up to 24 hours a day with the help of solar-powered screens.
  • Customisable: Display content can be anything, from text and full-colour images to motion graphics and videos. 
  • Portable: They can be installed in high-traffic areas and other locations in the place of printed billboards due to their lightweight and portability factor.

Advantages of Remote Management and Scheduling

With so many advantages and the apparent demand for technology, you cannot expect human interference every time there is a need. This is where remote management and scheduling become necessary.

  1. Remote access helps to quickly review, publish, update and delete the display content within a few minutes from wherever you are.
  2. Any software requires regular upgradation, and the remote management makes the display screen software update as and when triggered remotely.
  3. If your display is not gaining much attention, you can quickly interfere and update the content from a remote place and desired time.
  4. You can fix a schedule for each content and display multiple contents on a single screen at different times or use different screens too.
  5. The devices are designed so that the LED can continue its functions even without internet or less data availability.
  6. If the notification feature is enabled, any malfunction can be troubleshot from wherever you are.
  7. With a little initial training, the remote can be effectively handled without the interference of any professional. 
  8. Devices can be shut down, and data can be erased during cases of emergency remotely.


With so many benefits, outdoor display signs and mobile LED screen hire are becoming the need of the hour across the globe. First, however, you must thoroughly research the vendors offering products and understand the usage of software applications and their mechanisms before hiring one.

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