How to Draw A Four Leaf Clover Easily

How to Draw A Four Leaf Clover. If you need a little luck, some items are traditionally said to increase your luck level. Whether it’s rabbit foot or lucky underwear, there are many options!

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Perhaps the most iconic lucky symbol, however, is the four-leaf clover. It has long been believed that these rare seedlings bring good fortune to whoever finds them.

However, finding one of these elusive plants can be difficult, so it’s best to learn how to draw a four-leaf clover and make your own!

How to Draw A Four Leaf Clover

Step 1

As we begin this guide to drawing a four-leaf clover, we’ll start with something in the name: the leaf!

Four will look identical, but we’ll tackle them separately as each has a different angle, potentially making it more difficult.

Each leaf has a heart shape; the first has its curved side at the top left of the trefoil.

The leaves all meet at a central point, so you should draw a pencil point to ensure they all start at the right point. Once we’ve drawn that first leaf, let’s add more!

Step 2

As mentioned in the previous step of drawing the four-leaf clover, the leaves are all technically identical.

However, it can be challenging to make them look like this from different angles! This next leaf points to the lower left side of the cloverleaf.

Step 3

Now you’re starting to get the hang of it! As you can imagine, in this step of our guide on drawing a four-leaf clover, we will draw the third leaf.

This starts from the same point as the previous two. This points to the upper right side of the shamrock, as you can see in the reference image.

In the next step, we’ll add the final shamrock, so let’s move on!

Step 4

That last leaf of your four-leaf clover design shouldn’t be a problem! This points to the lower right corner of the cloverleaf, starting in the middle as usual.

Once all four leaves are sketched, you can obliterate the pencil tip in the middle if you drew one to help.

Step 5

If you’ve had enough of drawing clovers, then you’re in luck because we’re going to move on to new elements in this step of our direction on drawing a four-leaf clover.

For this role, we will focus on the stem of the clover.

This starts in the middle of the cloverleaf and works your way down. It will be very thin around the lid and gradually thicken as it goes down.

It then has a slightly rounded end at the bottom to complement the stem.

This part should be relatively easy, but it may require a steady hand, so feel free to take it slow and easy!

Step 6

Before completing the last step, you can add the final details to the four-leaf clover design.

For our guide, we drew a line down the middle of each leaf to finish it off nicely. Once you’ve drawn them, you’re good to go!

However, before doing this, add any final details you want for your drawing!

Some ideas you might consider would be to draw a nice background for the shamrock. You could utilize what you learned in this manual to draw some three-leaf clovers after it!

Another thought you could try would be to tense a little bug on it, maybe a ladybug?

Step 7

You’ve reached the final step of this how-to principle on how to tempt a four-leaf clover! For this stage, you can sit back and relax while having fun coloring your photo.

A four-leaf clover is innocent, so that would be the apparent option! Even if you attach to that color with your clover color, there are ways you can inject even more color!

You can use bright colors if you’ve drawn extra details like an insect or a fun background.

You could even go in a different direction and use bright colors for a more stylistic four-leaf clover!

Whatever you choose, you can also vary with the artistic means you use!

Your Four Leaf Clover Drawing is Finished!

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