How to Use Google My Business to Boost Your SEO?

Many individuals, bloggers, professionals, businesses, government bodies and others own a digital address. It is not worth it when your website is not visible on Google My Business. Here, I have described the importance of Google My Business, how search engine optimization or SEO Perth is vital in your digital marketing strategy and how your website comes on the top of search engine pages or SERPs.

About Google My Business

Many of the online browsers would have come across the complete details of what you are searching on the web. It will be shown or displayed on the right-hand side of the Google search page. They will be with the following information. 

  • It shows a complete address with contact details like phone number, helpline number, email ID, contact person, a social media page and an official website link.
  • Your business place is marked on Google Map.
  • You can add your company’s photo to your Google My Business profile.
  • You can post in-store products and services available.
  • It shows nearby landmarks of your business address.
  • It shows the office or shop opening and closing times of your business.
  • It has real-time consumer reviews.
  • It has consumer rating and raking, which have inquired and availed your business or services.

A browser will feel happy to see your business or service listed on Google My Business. It is trusted as the Google search engine for browsers. Thus, you will not search for more than one result page when you find your desired brand’s local address or location searching for a product or service. Accurately detailed business information will rank your website on top of SERPs. Thus, Google My Business boosts your SEO without spending much from the beginning. It will help to add when your business grows in another vertical and can show as a sister concern or new business in a different location. Thus, your company profile is established online.

How to register on the Google My Business page?

Your business profile on Google My Business can be registered by the owners or with the help of SEO professionals. If you have an IT team with SEO, they will register by discussing with you or the business owners. After consultation, they will draft the complete details necessary to add to Google My Business registration online.

SEO Perth will enter each detail without any mistakes. They read them twice and verify before saving your company profile on Google My Business. They finally submit by adding your business photos, landmarks and business timings. The business owners can test once the Google My Business registration is over. They can type their product name, company name or brand on the Google search engine and see there are listed in the Google My Business profile.

If you can see your Google My Business on the right-hand side of the search page, you are through in registering for it. Later, you will see many browsers clicking your profile or website as they find it reliable or trusted.

SEO for Google My Business

Registering in Google My Business is not straightforward, and your brand or company name is visible on the 1st page of Google search pages. It would help if you got optimized in SERP ranking.


When your company or brand name is listed in Google My Business and shown on the first page, it is a relevance a consumer trusts. Thus, they will find your company name when they search by the product name, brand name and location on the Google search bar. Accordingly, Google will pull your website and show it on the first page with your Google My Business details on the right-hand side of the search pages. The browsers will click on your website as they find your company at the top of SERP. Such browsers might be your target or non-target audiences. They will become a sale when they have found relevant information.


Many customers search the web for information, products and services from nearby locations. Thus, pinning your business address at the right point of the Google Map will help them to calculate the exact distance online. They use the map and visit your shop without asking or inquiring about your business address with others or on the way. Thus, Google My Business shows the approximate distance from where you are browsing and by what time you can reach by road.


Adding a nearby landmark is not an easy task regarding SEO. The search engine mostly pulls the already included landmarks rather than a new one near your shop. Thus, you must see the listed below as your nearby landmarks. 

  • Post Office
  • Temples
  • Government offices
  • Statues
  • Museums
  • Famous local shops
  • Well known hotels
  • Any other important landmark which is local and understood by local names.

Keeping any landmarks which are not familiar will not attract a customer, or they will be able to trace your shop. It is why SEO is crucial for your company’s Google, My Business profile page. Before entering a landmark, it is advisable to see that they are already pinned on Google maps with relevant names. 

The SEO team later sees that the reviews are posted, and it will bring more ratings. Your customer retention or service team must answer promptly, and your consumers are happy, and they become repeat customers and refer online and offline. Thus, SEO is not a one-time solution on the Google My Business page. It would be best if you had their SEO services time and again to attract online consumers and be on the top of SERP in your brand.  


Registering in Google My Business is your permanent business profile online. Thus, you can edit or modify later as and when necessary. You can do this with the help of SEO Perth anytime and from anywhere online. The website owners or business owners will see the real-time result as your SEO team will show evidence-based statics. You will also see your business online is minting more money than your retail store in that business location.


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