India’s top cricket scoring apps

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One of the most popular sports in the world, particularly in India, is Diamondexch cricket. Fans of the sport, which was created in the United Kingdom, are especially prevalent in Australia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and India. We have compiled a list of the top cricket scoring apps accessible in India for cricket lovers, especially those who wish to follow matches from around the world. Continue reading and give them a try to view the cricket scores in real time!

The Best Cricket Scoring Apps for Android in India: AllCric

One of the best free cricket apps for all cricket fans is the AllCric Cricket App. This website has every aspect a cricket fan could need, making it comprehensive and full of features. This app uses push notifications to provide the quickest live score updates and ball-by-ball analysis. You can choose to add your favourite games to your calendar by touching on the upcoming game.

Even though the AllCric Cricket app is ad-free, there can occasionally be a delay or a loading difficulty. The app might become the best cricket software in its category with a few easy tweaks, such a quicker launch time and UI changes. All the problems can be fixed with a fresh lite theme.

Two. Cricbuzz

Cricbuzz is one of the most popular cricket score applications for Android. A typical set of features are offered by the app, including quick score and commentary updates, upcoming match schedules, news and editorials, stats and rankings, and information on other significant cricket tournaments. We’d also like to recommend our list of fantasy cricket applications if you enjoy reading about this subject.

The software appears to work properly, and the UI is simple. While some users enjoy the software, others frequently criticise it. It is challenging to endorse it because of how controversial it is.

It does, however, offer about as much information as you might hope to discover in a cricket software. The developers also provide an app that is intended only for Indian customers.

ESPNCricinfo 3.

We weren’t expecting ESPN to offer a cricket-specific app, but they do now. Live scores, ball-by-ball analysis, various updates and notifications, news, video highlights, and international coverage of numerous leagues and tournaments are all included in the app.

It’s a surprisingly good all-in-one option, and you can change it so that it just highlights the leagues and competitions you are interested in. The ESPNCricinfo app’s user design is appealing and responsive.

CricLine 4.

Another top cricket score app on our list is CricLine. Since the UI is fairly simple, users who prefer elegant-looking programmes may need to go elsewhere. However, the rest of this programme is trustworthy.


There are many different cricket leagues, teams, and contests available on CricLine. CricLine excels at what it does as a scoring app. The only negative is the quantity of advertisements, which can occasionally get grating but are generally tolerable for the no-cost model.

5. Cricket Trading

A popular cricket score app is Cricket Exchange. There are a variety of leagues and tournaments for both men and women, as well as all three of the main cricket game forms. The app offers video highlights, several quizzes, a news section, and match surveys in addition to the ball-by-ball analysis. searching for the top live cricket streaming apps? Find out by reading our list.

Cricket Exchange also provides nearly real-time score updates. If you really enjoy this software, you can purchase a premium subscription that offers updates without advertisements for a reasonable price.

6. ICC

The ICC app is the closest thing to an official cricket app that you will find. The official app of the International Cricket Council (ICC), the game’s international regulatory body, offers a wide variety of content about cricket. Ball-by-ball analysis, a match centre with a tonne of team statistics, full team pages with even more information, video content, tournament coverage, and a news section are all included.

Both men’s and women’s cricket is covered by the Diamondexch ICC. The app is completely free of adverts and has a modern user interface.

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