Introduction to How to Play Fantasy Cricket, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Kabaddi, and Fantasy Basketball

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People in India are big fans of skill-based games like fantasy cricket, football, kabaddi, and basketball. Fantasy cricket, football, and kabaddi are also popular. Everyone who enjoys playing fantasy games will be thrilled to learn that they now have the chance to demonstrate their skills by using their knowledge of sports such as Free IPL Live Apk, football, kabaddi, and basketball. Construct your own own squad and go up against other players in the game. Learning the game’s rules, as well as its techniques and point system, is among the most effective ways to develop your playing ability as a player. Therefore, select your game of choice and demonstrate your prowess in the gaming world at AllCric.

The goal of Fantasy Cricket, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Kabaddi, and Fantasy Basketball is to compete against other players.

The goal of fantasy cricket, fantasy football, fantasy kabaddi, and fantasy basketball is the same: you have to create a team of 11 players from any upcoming match and then enter a practise contest for free. Based on the LIVE performance of your team players, you will score points, and those points will determine where you stand on the leaderboard. Fantasy kabaddi and fantasy basketball also share this goal.

You will be able to receive the essential inputs for beating the odds and winning the game of Fantasy Cricket, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Kabaddi, and Fantasy Basketball if you have a fundamental understanding of the game and do a little bit of research. Your ability to identify the players on your squad who have a good chance of having a successful season is another factor that will help your team score more points.

How do I use AllCric to participate in Fantasy Sports?

Step 1. Register:

Go to the Registration page on the website or download the AllCric Fantasy Cricket App, and register using either Facebook or your Email ID & Mobile.

Step 2: Select a single match:

Pick a match from any forthcoming event that’s available. Throughout the course of the year, there are a number of tournaments.

3. Manage your team in the following ways:

The next step in creating your fantasy team is to choose 11 players (for cricket and football) or 7 players (for kabaddi). You will start with 100 credit points. However, you are only allowed to select a maximum of seven players (in the case of cricket and football) or five players (in the case of kabaddi).

Step 4: Various Competitions

AllCric is currently hosting a number of different contests. You have the option to compete in either Practice, Cash, or Private tournaments.

Contest for practise: If you are new to fantasy sports, you should begin by participating in the free contest for practise in order to hone your skills before moving on to the contests for real money. You have an unlimited number of opportunities to participate in the practise contest.

Cash contest: If you are a seasoned player who is interested in winning prize money, you should participate in a cash contest. Pick one to enter from among all of the available competitions on the platform.

If you are using the AllCric app to play, you also have the option to establish your very own private contest, which you can then participate in with your loved ones or close friends.

Step 5: Keep an eye on your players by:

When the game starts, head on over to the live match area to check out how the participants are doing. You can keep track of how the score for your team evolves throughout the course of the live match by using the Free IPL Live App points system.

Step 6:

Gain an understanding of how to manage your squad and compute point totals.

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