Is It Possible To Fly Abroad While Pregnant?

Yes, you can have pregnancy travel or fly off during expecting a baby if the due date is not close and there is no complexity.

However, you should consult with the healthcare provider before confirming the tickets for knowing about potential issues and ways to avoid them. Remember, most airlines don’t allow women with 36 week pregnancy to fly. The period is early when it comes to international airlines. 

You will face no problem in pressurised cabin of commercial airliner if both your baby and you are healthy. You need to put on to seat belt after boarding in. It will place under the belly and low on hips. So, it will cause no harm to the baby. Don’t panic about going through screening machines at airport too. 

Take referrals from your gynaecologist at the destination you are about to visit. This will help you to seek assistance if any medical attention may require. Verify the travel and health insurance policies if they cover any medical emergencies if something serious happens and you need to cancel the flight and trip completely. 

Continue reading this blog to know when travelling at the time of pregnancy is safe and unsafe. 

When flying at the time pregnancy not safe?

Certain situations are there when flying is unsafe for your pregnancy. These are when if you:

  • Get signs of possible miscarriage like bleeding, pain and cramping
  • Are under doctor observation for preterm labour
  • Experience vaginal bleeding
  • Have preeclampsia
  • Have incompetent cervix (cervical insufficiency)
  • Experience PROM (premature rupture of membranes) that your water breaks or there is leaks of amniotic fluid without any labour

Even your gynaecologist will recommend you not to fly if:

  • There is chance of multiple births or twins
  • You have intrauterine growth restriction
  • You have history of ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage
  • There is another placental abnormality or placenta previa
  • You develop any chronic health issue like high blood pressure or diabetes
  • You have blood clot history
  • There is other conditions that put your conceiving the baby at risk

How late in pregnancy is fine to fly?

Generally, most airlines never allow pregnant women to board after 36 weeks. In case you have a plan to fly during third trimester then check the special pregnancy travel policies of the airline prior making the ticket.  

In case the bump looks bigger than usual then the employees to ask you to provide ‘fit-to-fly’ certificate from the doctor along with weeks of your pregnancy. You can easily ask the gynaecologist or healthcare provider to provide this note. But make sure to get it early to avoid unnecessary stress. 

Tips for flying while you are pregnant

Follow the give tips to ensure a comfortable and safe flight journey for you and the baby inside: 

  • For smooth experience take a middle seat in the wing of the plane. You won’t feel air sick too
  • For extra legroom, book a seat in bulkhead. Also you can pay for upgrade. Stretch the legs and flex the feet for minimising swelling
  • Select the aisle seat as it becomes easy for you to go to washroom or stretch and walk around. You must do it after every hour or half an hour. Sitting for long while you are pregnant can put you at high risk of getting deep vein thrombosis
  • Putting on compression socks will help in avoiding clots as it will circulate the blood in legs
  • Always wear comfortable foot wear to prevent the legs from swelling. Go with loose and comfortable clothing too
  • Have lots of fluids so that there is no dehydrating effect due to dry cabin air. Avoid carbonated and fizzy drinks during flying
  • Before departure of flight, go to washroom frequently. Don’t stick to the seat with filled bladder when it is about to land
  • In case you are nauseous then consult with the doctor and take prescription anti-nausea prescription along
  • Don’t hesitate to seek help from flight attendant for lifting the carry-on to bin
  • Make sure that you grab some healthy snacks and water bottle for unexpected delays in air or on ground

Flying at the time of COVID-19

While people learn to cope up against this dreadful virus and take the vaccination already so it is fine to travel. So, you can board in the flight ad fly off to any other country. In case, you don’t take up the vaccination yet, there is no need to fly unless it is necessary. 

Pregnant women who had COVID-19 are at high risk of chronic illnesses which may end them up hospitalised. Even it can result in poor pregnancy outcome and preterm birth. Therefore, pregnant and breastfeeding women must take Coronavirus vaccination. 

In case you have more questions on pregnancy and COVID-19, talk to your gynaecologist. Only they can assist in making the correct decision for both of your baby’s health and you.

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