The Origin of Physics and It’s Branches and Importance

The word physics is derived from the Greek word “Physic” which denotes nature. Newton, Galileo, and Einstein have a great contribution to modern physics and are referred as the fathers of Modern Physics. The principal motive of physics is to find out how things work on principles.

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Branches of Physics

There are two branches of physics, Classical and Modern. Classical physics is more applicable than modern physics. Modern theories are mostly based on classical physics.


Introduced by Sir Isaac Newton this segment of physics deals with the study of motion and relates to the properties of matter and light.


Optics associate conditions related to behaviors and properties of light and its production. It usually describes the behavior of ultraviolet radiations and infrared lights.

Sound and Wave Motion-

Basically, under this phenomenon wave speed, sound production, and transmissions are discussed. Three types of wave motion are transverse, longitudinal, and standing waves.

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Theory of Relativity-

Propounded in 1905, by Einstein the theory explains the behavior of matter at high speed and high energies.

Quantum Physics-

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Why do we need Physics in Academics?

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