Recommended activities to try in Dubai

Without any doubt, Dubai the city of gold is one of the best destinations in world to travel with family and friends. The ever-growing attractions and friendly atmosphere are attracting more and more people to this desert oasis. However, the very first thing that comes to everyone’s mind regarding this city is, the record-breaking spree it has been on for the better half. But, when you visit Dubai, you’ll know it’s so much more. It is fascinating to know that Dubai is an eclectic mix of unexplored deserts, soaring skyscrapers, white sand beaches, as well as lush green farmlands. However, there’re many more activities that are recommended by the experts to explore in Dubai.

Be on the top of Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest structure as well as iconic landmark of the UAE. From the observation decks, it is recommended to witness the full splendor of downtown Dubai. for a truly spectacular experience, the observation decks At the Top’ on the 124th is something that will surprise you for sure. Moreover, the ‘At the Top Sky’ on the 148th floor of Burj Khalifa also bring in a large crowd of visitors. Keep in consideration, the entry fee to the observation decks significantly depends on the time of day you select. Just surprising numbers of visitor’s flock around morning and sunset has its own charm.

Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai Marina

A cruise dinner on a wooden boat in Dubai Marina is a romantic trip through the pristine waters of Canals amidst the buildings and glam. The traditional Arabic wooden dhow cruise Dubai Marina is something that everyone looks for. The boat has two decks, the lower air-conditioned as well as the alfresco top deck.

The upper deck of the wooden dhow allow you cherish the air and look up at the people waving at you. Enjoy the views from the walkways across the canal as well as the gravity-defying skyscrapers lining the Marina. Moreover, the large windows in the lower deck offer sightseeing fun for all who want to enjoy cruising with an air-conditioned experience.

An adventurous trip to desert safari

Most of the recommended things to do in Dubai are in the center of the city. That’s what makes a desert safari unique from everything else. Dubai desert safari is one of the best ways to explore the Arabian dunes up close. Add Dubai desert safari in your Dubai tours and discover the forgotten traditions of Arabs. Dubai safari has something up its sleeve to satiate the souls.

Along with this, the tall red dunes of Lehbab desert are also ideal for a dune-bashing ride and it’s also carried out in the Margham desert. Cherish the thrilling ride that lasts for half an hour with a few sunset-photos.

The artful side of a La Mer beach

La Mer means ‘The sea’ in French, the amazing addition to the list of beautiful beaches. It is fascinating to know that La Mer is not like other beaches situated on Jumeirah beach. The beach is spanning a whopping 1.24 million square km.  Laguna water park is also located in La Mer is divided into two zones, the north and south.

You will get number of Instagram-worthy pictures near the Banksy-style murals across the Beach. Moreover, there are number of international brands for clothing, beauty care, and restaurants that does not require you to find a key.

The dancing water of Dubai fountain

The tallest building in the world is located in Dubai, but there’s more to it. Below Burj Khalifa, in the middle of the 30 acres, there’s a Burj Lake with the world’s tallest fountain. Along with this, The Dubai Fountain is also the world’s largest choreographed fountain.The fountain is capable to shoot 22,000 gallons or 83,000 liters of water.

Along with this, a live performance of a Tanura dancer lights up the evening.  The long and colorful skirt forms unique patterns appear from start to finish.



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