Top 7 Reasons Why Safari Is Superior to Chrome

Chrome and Safari are two of the most common web browsers everyone knows of. Chrome is Google’s browser whereas Safari is Apple’s.  Despite countless common features, some people tend to pick Chrome while others can’t live without Safari. It is a fact now that users are constantly being tracked online for digital marketing purposes even for the smallest searches they make, be it any browser Chrome or Safari. Even a simple query for the Cox cable customer care number is being tracked to generate relevant advertisements to target the user. Naturally, you would want to make your browsing experience secure.

So the question is, is Chrome better/secure or Safari? Read on to find out.

Chrome vs Safari – Which Browser to Opt For?

Making the right choice in selecting the best browser can make your browsing experience efficient and secure. When Safari was first introduced in 2003, it was slightly underpowered and lacked some features as compared to Chrome. This is the reason why MAC users had to download Chrome on their iOS systems. But since then, Safari has been revamped drastically. There are numerous features that Apple’s Safari offers now that Google’s Chrome does not.

The 7 Features That Make Safari Better Than Chrome

According to a survey conducted in 2021, Chrome was the top browser in use by approximately 3.2 billion internet users worldwide. Whereas Safari, being second, has one billion users. One of the major reasons for this key difference could be the limited availability of Safari as it is only available for iOS, macOS, and iPad users whereas Chrome is readily available on almost all devices such as Windows, Android, and even iOS and macOS. Apart from Chrome being readily accessible, Safari has several features that Chrome lacks. Here is a detailed review of 7 of Safari’s distinguished features.

#1: Live Text

One of the distinguishing features of safari is its ability to copy and paste text from image files such as memes and screenshots. Live Text is a macOS feature that applies optical character recognition to identify the text in images, highlight it, and copy-paste it wherever you want.

#2: Privacy Settings

Cybersecurity is a major concern these days. Safari offers an Intelligent Tracking Prevention system that prevents third-party cookies to track your web activity and identify you based on your previous visits. Safari ensures a safe browsing experience with the help of its advanced security features. Users can control what information they want to share. Contrary to this, Chrome has an incognito mode that allows secure browsing but there are cases in which data can still be tracked.

#3: Simple Autoplay Controls

Even though Chrome offers this feature, it is a complex procedure to set up using this browser. Safari on the other hand offers a much-simplified process for enabling autoplay controls. All you need to do is head to “Preferences”, click “Websites” and select the “Autoplay” option. You can then easily modify these controls according to your requirements for each website you are visiting.

#4: Easy Reader Mode

We all have visited websites that have too much going on and it makes it almost impossible to concentrate on the text. Reader Mode in Safari is made especially for this purpose. The in-built reader mode feature gets rid of the clutter on the website, allowing you to focus on reading the article without constant distractions such as ads, pop-ups, and sidebars. You can easily enable reader mode on websites you want to. All you have to do is to click on “View” and tap on “Show Reader” or simply click on the Reader icon on the left of the address bar.

#5: iCloud Tab Browsing

This continuity feature in Safari is a brilliant innovation. What you do on one of your devices, you can continue it on any of your other iOS devices. For example, when you open a new tab in it, you will be able to view a list of current tabs being used on your other device. Even bookmarks and reading pages can be synced without you having to do it manually. Safari automatically loads the next tab when you switch between pages.

#6: Auto-Fill

This awesome feature of Safari helps you save time by quickly filling out web forms without having to enter your information repetitively.

#7: Battery & Speed Optimization

Have you noticed that when you use Safari, your laptop lasts a few more hours in comparison to when you are using Chrome? It is true. Safari uses much less RAM and CPU than Chrome. Apple claims that it is the world’s fastest desktop browser. The company claims that when used on macOS, Safari can extend battery life compared to other web browsers.

Although computers and laptops have enough power to run smoothly using both browsers, it can be concerning when your laptop is not plugged in. Chrome uses more power which ultimately drains out your battery faster.

The Final Take

Each browser has its pros and it comes down to personal choice in the end. Go for Safari if you are looking for a streamlined experience with enhanced security or opt for Chrome if you require a user-friendly interface with abundant features.

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