Seven Things You Should Know Before Renewing Your FSSAI License

Even though FSSAI registration online is required, food business operators (FBO) must also complete the FSSAI renewal submission. As soon as the FSSAI licence validity hits its expiration date, it must be renewed. Be aware that the FSSAI renewal process and the FSSAI registration process are both equally crucial. We will discover the solutions to a few big and typical problems related to the FSSAI licence renewal process in this post.

Why Is the Renewal of the FSSAI So Important?

The FBO must prove they can maintain their FSSAI application online by going through the FSSAI licence renewal process. He or she is expected to closely monitor the renewal procedure because a delay will result in a significant penalty. The FSSAI licence will be ruled invalid if the owner of a food business doesn’t finish the renewal procedure by the deadline. If this scenario comes to pass, the FBO will no longer be able to conduct its food business operations. It is advised to be up to date on the process for renewing the food licence because of this.

Which Level of Credibility Has the FSSAI?

Only a defined period of time—anywhere between one and five years—is allowed for the FSSAI validity. Depending on the needs of the organisation, the business operator can decide how long the licence will be valid. The renewal procedure shouldn’t be held up for whatever reason, and it should be finished right before the validity term expires.

How much time do you have left before you have to renew your FSSAI licence?

At least 120 days before to the expiration of the validity of their food registration or licence, the operator of a food business must file an application for an FSSAI licence.

What Repercussions Will I Experience If I Don’t Renew My FSSAI License?

If you are unable to renew the FSSAI registration licence, you will be charged $100 every day. The day the FSSAI license’s validity will end is the day it is calculated from.

How Can Your FSSAI Certification Be Renewed?

The steps for several required renewal processes are described here. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India created an online platform called FLRS, often known as the Food Licensing and Registration System.

  • By going there and entering your Username and Password, you can begin using FLRS. Returning users will have access to the FLRS platform.
  • Select the “Application for Renewal” tab to renew your registration or license.
  • A pop-up menu containing the choices will be visible on the screen. To proceed, select the appropriate button.
  • If you click the button, a message requesting your confirmation will show up on your screen. Do you intend to submit a licence renewal application? Select the “OK” button to proceed.
  • All necessary forms and supplementary documentation must now be submitted in order for you to continue utilising the FLRS platform.
  • After carefully reading the supplied documents, click the “Submit” button to complete the process.
  • You will receive an ARN (Artificial Reference Number).

What do I need to do to renew my FSSAI licence and how do I do it?

In addition to the renewal application, all candidates must submit supporting documentation. You must submit Form A if the FBO’s gross yearly revenue is less than Rs. 12 lakhs. You must submit Form B if the yearly income of your FBO is between 12 lakh and 2 crore. Please have the following documents prepared for submission to expedite the FSSAI renewal process.

  • Joining FSSAI carries a fee.
  • The text of the author’s self-declaration, as written.
  • To confirm your identification, kindly supply the information below: (Ids for voting, passports, licences to drive, and Aadhar cards)

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