Singapore’s Top 12 International Schools (With 2023 Fees)

Singapore is the new place to be when it comes to lifestyle, infrastructure and especially in the field of education. Many parents work in Singapore; some have even reallocated to this beautiful country they now call home. Over a while, people worldwide have settled here for new opportunities, which has given rise to several international schools across Singapore. Since most parents work here, it gives them a chance to enrol their children in the best nearby schools. Singapore is known to have some of the best schools and colleges with the latest infrastructure and study resources. 

If you are looking for advice on the top 12 international schools in Singapore, this blog is for you. Here you will find the top international schools with school fees for your reference. However, we suggest parents pay a personal visit to the school to better understand the facilities and amenities

1. OWIS-One World International School

If you are looking for an all-inclusive school with diversity, OWIS is the one for you. It is considered to be one of the top international schools in Singapore. Your child will surely get quality education and exposure to the real world. With the latest amenities like smart classrooms and intelligent campus, your child will love being in an environment like this.  

OWIS campus is divided into three: Nanyang Campus, Suntec Campus and Digital Campus 

Early Childhood 1 to 3 start from SGD 18, 564, Grades 1 to 6 start at SGD 18,564, Grades 7 to 12 start at SGD 21,342 and Grades 1 to 5 Bilingual start at SGD 19,929. The annual fee includes a pair of uniforms, study materials like the iPad and textbooks and also covers the fees for the educational trips. Visit the school for primary school admissions.

2. Stamford American International School

For a top-notch education, Stamford American International School is a great option. It offers your child all the resources they require unbecoming a better individual. 

Like the OWIS, Stamford American International School has two campuses, and the fees begin from SGD15,866 to SGD 42,590.

3. Canadian International School

The Canadian International School is one of Singapore’s finest foreign schools. The school promotes effective teaching and learning and has decent facilities. The annual tuition fee ranges from SGD16,800 to SGD41,700. Apart from this, the parents must pay SGD 2,500 and a Non-refundable confirmation fee. 

4. Dover Court International School

An excellent international school in Singapore for children that provide students with an English Additional Language programme is Dover Court International School, with a tuition fee range from SGD 21,810 to SGD42,820.

5. SJI International

This highly esteemed institution is one of Singapore’s finest international schools and has a phenomenal environment. It offers many languages, one of them being Spanish. Most parents prefer this school due to their affordable tuition fees, which start from SGD 16,000 to SGD 25,000.

6. Nexus International School

Nexus International School is another excellent option for international schools in Singapore. Most parents love this school because of carried opportunities it provides for all its students. Parents must pay a one-time fee of SGD856 and an acceptance fee of SGD2,500.

7. Singapore American School

If you are looking for an American Education school for your child, head straight to the Singapore American School. Here you will find a curriculum based entirely on the American standard. The annual fees start from SGD21,334 to SGD34,050, depending on your child’s age and class. 

8. Tanglin Trust

Enrol your child into the Tanglin trust for private and uniquely based schooling. The school is privately owned and offers many opportunities and committed learning for all its students. Parents can enrol their children into Tanglin trust school by depositing an application fee of SGD3,750.

9. Dulwich College

For a college that focuses on quality education, Dulwich college is the one for you. Being the most expensive college, with a fee of SGD 36,938 to SGD47,730, this college will keep you on your toes. This college in Singapore has been in the limelight for four centuries. 

10. Australian International School

The name itself signifies the type of curriculum this school offer. The school curriculum is based on Australian education. Since it is Australian education based, the fees are SGD14,832 to SGD31,480.

11. Chatsworth International School

If you are looking for an all-around curriculum school with a world-class reputation, then Chatsworth International school is the one for you. They charge reasonable fees of SGD 24–33,000 and give equal importance to art and athletics. 

12. Middleton International School

The Middleton International School is the least expensive school with a top-notch education, to sum up. The Singapore curriculum is blended with the global curriculum in this instance. Overall, your child will undoubtedly receive the top education they are due. The school’s tuition ranges from SGD16,100 to SGD17,550 on average. 

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