Snow Lopes (Lisa Lopes Daughter) Full Bio, Age, Height, Career, Net Worth

The well-known American hip hop artist, rapper, and producer Lisa Lopes has an adoptive daughter named Snow Lopes. Lisa’s stage name, Left Eye, is well-known. Snow was just eight years old when Lisa and Andre Rison adopted her. Sadly, her mother was killed in a terrible car accident.

Left Eye will always be admired, but thanks to the “Lisa Lopes Foundation,” she leaves behind a lasting legacy. Like her mother, Snow has a strong interest in social work and loves helping others. She also wants to be a performer and producer.

Personal Information

Snow Lopes was born in a Christian middle-class family in the United States of America. Her biological mother, whose real name has never been made public, is acquainted with Lisa Lopes.

Snow’s mother was having trouble supporting Snow because of a financial dilemma. As a result, Lisa committed to helping her and took care of Snow. Lisa and Andre Rison adopted her at the age of eight.

Age & Birth-Date

As Lisa Lopes Daughter, Snow Lopes is well-known. Her birth year was 1993. Her age is about 29 years.

Snow Lopes Height, Weight & Body Measurement

Her personality is enduring and endearing. Snow Lopes is a charming, intelligent, and attractive young woman. She is around 1.55 m tall, 5 feet and 8 inches tall, and weighs 54 kg.

She wears a 34-inch bra and a cup-size bra. She has a 34-inch hip measurement and a 26-inch waist. She wears shoes in seven US sizes and dresses in four. Snow Lopes has dark, long hair that is lustrous and brown eyes. She has an hourglass figure and works out often.

Social Media

Lisa Lopes Daughter is a well-known model in the US. She has numerous social media profiles. Many more of her fans follow all of her accounts. She shares her photos and videos on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in exchange for likes and comments. There are several subscribers to her YouTube channel. She also provides feedback and expresses gratitude to her fans’ fans for their love and support. Snow also adores and encourages her followers, with whom she communicates via social media.

Snow Lopes posts updates on her career and other aspects of her personal life on her Instagram account under the handle “#Iamstarmartin.”She uses the handles “Iamstarmartin” on Twitter and “Star Martin” on YouTube in addition to Instagram.

Net Worth of Snow Lopes

She has a net worth of $3.2 million. Her living expenditures are entirely covered by her income. Her music and acting are her main sources of revenue. Snow Lopes earns money to care for and maintain her family. Through her money, Snow also assists those in need.

Career as a Trap Pop

Snow has always been interested in music from a family of musicians. She also mentioned her late mother as an inspiration. Snow started writing her songs and rapping after viewing her mother’s music videos.

Lopes, who will soon debut her new “Trap Pop” sound in the hip-hop business, has already made a name for herself with her mega tunes “Karma” and “Pre-Game.” The talented singer has also recorded a few other songs, like Duck Off, PAY ME, GREEN LIGHT, and others.

Star Martin also works as a model and an actress. Snow Lopes was a cast member of the four-part television series 4play, which aired on February 13.

Snow Lopes has a Single Child

Many of you might be surprised to learn that Lisa Lopes’ daughter Snow is pregnant. Snow doesn’t publicly discuss her child, but the singer routinely posts pictures of her daughter on her Instagram story. It appears that the baby’s father’s identity is also a secret.

Snow Lopes revealed in one of her interviews that she had had a disastrous relationship, which also inspired the song Karma. She hasn’t said anything else about her ex-partner other than that.

Relationship Between Snow and Left Eye: She Was an Inspiration

Snow, who was then a preteen, had no idea what it was like to be the star’s daughter when she was younger. For her, Lisa was the one person who could truly love and care for her. She was unaware of her mother’s enormous notoriety.

Lopes had little time with her mother because Lisa passed away shortly after they first met. The girl began watching her mother’s music videos as she grew up and began to listen to them. Over time, Snow also had a deep interest in music and is now an aspiring vocalist. Let’s investigate her burgeoning music career!


Snow Lopes is the most well-known rapper and actor. Her life was not simple, despite her brilliance, but because she was career-focused from the beginning, now she can make her life successful and fulfill her dreams.

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