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The climber and slide, also known as the Pikler Triangle, is a piece of safe and simple play equipment for children from 6 months to 5 years. The best Pikler triangle allows children to lead their play through exploration. It contributes largely to the early development of skills in your child and is a favorite among educators and parents. It can be easily used indoors and outdoors at home as it comes in a foldable format too that makes it easy to store when not in use and even carry too. Get the best Pikler Triangle for your child on

What exactly are a climber and slide, also known as the Pikler Triangle?

The best Pikler triangle is a wooden climbing frame with a triangular or wedge shape. A Hungarian paediatrician-Dr Emmi Pikler, originally designed it. Children need to climb and explore the environment around them through play. The climber and slide from Lily & River encourage children to climb and move around exploring while they play safely and naturally. They have wooden rungs that they can easily hold on to for a grip while climbing. You can ensure added safety by investing in the Landing Playmat with

What are the Benefits of Using the Climber and Slide with children?

Children learn through play and exploration. Providing safe and well-designed climbing equipment like Pikler Triangle for their playtime at home or school is great for their various developments. Here are some immediate benefits of Climber and Slide:

  • Your child develops gross motor skills as they grasp the rungs and climb using their hands and feet.
  • Leads to the development of balance, control, and steadiness in your young child’s legs.
  • Makes your child’s body more flexible as they stretch to hold onto the rungs and climb.
  • Improves your child’s spatial and body awareness.
  • Boosts their confidence and self-esteem as they can risk assessment as
  • Leads to the development of muscles in your child’s arms and legs.
  • Develops core strength
  • This leads to brain development as they improve their cognitive and physical skills.

What to look for in the best Pikler Triangle?

There are many Piker triangles available in the market. But you need to check the quality, or children could injure themselves while playing. Here are some factors that make the best Pikler Triangle.

  • The climbing frame should be made from good-quality wood.
  • The best Pikler Triangle is collapsible for easy storage.
  • The material used in the climber and slide should be non-toxic.
  • The climbing frame should be sturdy while in use by children.
  • The Pikler triangle should be lightweight and easy to carry around.

Get the best Pikler Triangle with all the above qualities only on It is the most recommended by educators and parents.

How should you use the climber and slide with children?

The best way to use the climber and slide is by encouraging your child to climb on it. It is crucial to monitor during the first few times as an extra precaution. Children don’t need to start climbing at first; they could observe, sit under it, and play around it till they get comfortable climbing the rungs. Let them explore at their own pace. Allow children to have uninterrupted play that will allow them to play using their creativity, imagination, and critical thinking skills.

Here are some safety tips while using the best Pikler Triangle:

  • Put away the climber and slide after use so that there are not many instances when your toddler is playing with it unsupervised.
  • Always keep the rungs and sides of the climber and slide clean by wiping it regularly with a damp cloth.
  • Place a landing playmat from under the best Pikler triangle for extra safety.
  • When you attach a slide to the Pikler Triangle, ensure it is properly placed and stable. Check before your child uses it.
  • Ensure that not many toddlers are using the climber and slide simultaneously.

Some great ideas on how to use the best Pikler Triangle.

Some super simple ideas while your child uses the climber and slide promote child-led play and boost their confidence.

  • Just the best Pikler Triangle services to be a great climbing structure for your child.
  • Motivate your child to use it to pull up and walk.
  • Enjoy playing counting games with the rungs of the climber.
  • Place the slide in the Pikler Triangle to make it more fun and challenging for children.
  • Put a blanket on the climber, which becomes a tent for imaginative play.
  • Put some books underneath the climber to encourage reading time for your child while resting.
  • Play hide and seek by hiding underneath like a cubby house.
  • Use soft toys or cushions to make an obstacle course. Create an obstacle course.

At what age can children use the best Pikler Triangle?

You can bring home the best Pikler Triangle from when your toddler is just 6 months old and can use it up to 5 years of age! As per your child’s development pace, they will explore and use the climber and slide.

Final Words!

The climber and slide are worthwhile to play with equipment to bring home. Your child up to 5 years of age will be engaged using the climbing frame and slide in various ways. You can make play with the best Pikler Triangle more challenging for your child by investing in additional play equipment like little steps, an arch, rocker from Lily & River. The benefits of the climbing frame support your child’s mental and physical development, which is crucial in the early years. You can also consider it as ‘risky play’ that supports children exploring their boundaries and having a go that will enable them to handle challenging situations.

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