Things You Must Not Miss When Visiting Rajasthan

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Rajasthan has been a beloved destination for centuries. From the bustling cities of Jaipur and Udaipur to the tranquil villages of Rajasthan, this state in India is filled with culture, history, and natural beauty. For those looking to experience the best of what this state has to offer, here are ten things you must not miss when visiting Rajasthan. From exploring ancient palaces and forts to savouring local delicacies, discover all that this majestic region has to offer in Rajasthan tour packages!

Must Visit Places in Rajasthan

Amer Fort

There are plenty of things to see and do in Rajasthan, but one attraction you definitely won’t want to miss is Amer Fort. This fort was built in the 16th century and is a prime example of Rajput architecture. The fort is located on a hilltop and has four levels, each with its own courtyards, gardens, and temples. Amer Fort is also home to the world-famous Sheesh Mahal, a palace made entirely of mirror work. Trust us; Amer Fort is an experience you won’t soon forget! So do choose custom tours to Rajasthan so you can visit places of your interest.

City Palace

If you’re visiting Rajasthan, you absolutely cannot miss the City Palace in Jaipur! Built in the 18th century by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the City Palace is a stunning example of Rajput architecture. It’s located in the heart of the old city, and it’s huge complex of courtyards, gardens, and buildings is simply breathtaking. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this place!

Hawa Mahal

The Hawa Mahal, or “Palace of the Winds,” is a five-story Rajputana-style palace in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. The palace was built in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh and is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city. The Hawa Mahal is a prime example of Rajput architecture, with its ornate facade and honeycombed windows. Visitors can climb to the top of the palace for views of the city and surrounding countryside.

Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal, or the Water Palace, is a must-see when visiting Rajasthan. This beautiful palace is located on Lake Pichola and was built in the 18th century for the Maharaja of Mewar. The palace has four floors, each with a different level of balcony overlooking the lake. The top floor is even made entirely of glass so that the Maharaja could enjoy views of the sunset over the water. Today, Jal Mahal is open to visitors and is a popular spot for photography and picnicking.

Jantar Mantar Observatory

The Jantar Mantar Observatory is one of the most important tourist attractions in Rajasthan. This ancient astronomical observation site is located in the city of Jaipur, and it features a number of massive instruments that were used for studying the stars and planets. The observatory was built in the 18th century by Maharaja Jai Singh II, and it is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors to the Jantar Mantar Observatory can see the massive instruments up close, and they can also learn about the history of astronomy in India.

Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Rajasthan. Situated on the edge of the Aravalli Hills, the fort offers stunning views of the city below. The fort was built in the 18th century by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II and has been a popular spot for tourists ever since.

One of the best things to do at Nahargarh Fort is to watch the sunset. The fort is open until 8pm, so you can enjoy the views long after the sun has gone down. There are also a number of restaurants and cafes inside the fort, so you can relax with a drink while watching the sunset.

If you’re visiting Rajasthan during the winter months, don’t miss out on Nahargarh Fort’s light and sound show. The show tells the story of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II and his rule over Rajasthan. It’s a great way to learn about the history of this fascinating place.

Other places to visit in Rajasthan

There are plenty of other places to visit in Rajasthan beyond the usual tourist traps. Here are some of our favourites:

  • The city of Udaipur is often referred to as the “Venice of the East” and it’s easy to see why. With its beautiful lakes, stunning architecture and laid-back atmosphere, it’s a great place to relax for a few days.
  • Jaisalmer is an atmospheric desert city with a fascinating history. It’s well worth spending a couple of days exploring the old fort and taking in the views from atop the imposing Jaisalmer Fort.
  • Jodhpur is another must-see city in Rajasthan. Known as the “Blue City” due to the blue-painted houses in its old town, its home to some of the best museums and temples in the state.
  • If you’re looking for something a bit different, head to Bundi. This small town has a charming medieval atmosphere and is famous for its stepwells – deeply carved staircases leading down to water pools.


Visiting Rajasthan is an unforgettable experience and something everyone should do at least once in their life. Whether it’s exploring the culture of the locals, admiring the flurry of colors, or getting lost in nature – there really is no shortage of things to do and see here. We hope that this list has given you a great introduction to all that Rajasthan has to offer and inspired you to plan your next visit soon!

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