Top 5 Clothing and Fashion Brands in India

Leading Fashion Brands in India:

India is currently a fashion hub and there are numerous clothing brands that make fashion clothes easily available. In the last decade, lots of new brands have come up in the fashion industry and have taken it to the next level. As the fashion industry is constantly evolving brands are also focusing on new and latest fashion trends. Every day they are updating the collection and that’s the reason you may get confused among different brands. To make your selection easier, we have selected the top 5 clothing and fashion brands in India that assure good quality and better designs. 

Louis Philippe: 

There’s a common belief that Louis Philippe is an international brand that is untrue. In fact, it is an Indian brand, a subsidiary of Aditya Birla Group. Today, not only as a retail clothing brand but it has expanded its hands online too. It is a premium clothing and fashion brand in India that is considered one of the best in the quality of clothes.

As a subsidiary company of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle company, it is dedicated to creating a variety of designer apparel. The name Louis Phillipe was taken after the king of France Louis Phillipe. Since 2018, it is constantly evolving as a popular fashion brand in the country. The latest designs and prints and varied colour options make it popular even among the young generations. Although the prices are a bit higher than other brands, the extravagance and quality of the clothes make it completely worth it. 


Another popular clothing and fashion brand in India is Raymond. Since 1925 they have been in operation and to date, they cater to all the fashion requirements. The quality of fabric and materials used in their clothes are never compromised and they always level up to the expectation. That’s the reason they are one of the most sought-after brands in India. Be it casual wear, formal wear or party wear they bring in a multitude of options to choose from. It is a brand that is popular, particularly for its men’s collection.

Whenever it is men’s formal wear like pants, shirts, or suits there’s only one name that the people of India rely on: ‘Raymond’. In recent times it has also started offering a variety of clothing options like trousers, t-shirts, shirts, wedding collections, and much more online. Curated from the finest fabrics, it has become one of the best clothing and fashion brands in India. 


The next brand on the list is Hiscraves which is particularly known for men’s clothes. Although it is comparatively a new company and started its operation in 2016 it has expanded over a period of time to become one of the favourite Indian brands.

Being a subsidiary company of Men Rocks Private Limited, an apparel manufacturing company, Hiscraves is a fashion brand that offers quality apparel in a wide range. To buy men’s t-shirts online, Hiscraves is one of the most reliable brands in the country. Because of its in-house manufacturing company, it is able to control and maintain the quality of the materials and also ensure that new designs are created according to the latest fashion.

Be it casual wear or formal wear, Hiscraves shopping store has a wide range of collections at affordable prices. The classy and comfortable pieces are available in a variety of designs and colour options. 

Tommy Hilfiger:

Another top clothing brand in India that has maintained its elegance throughout is Tommy Hilfiger. Today, it is not only operative as a retail store but also available online. A large collection of fashion wear is available in multiple colour options and designs.

Tommy Hilfiger began its operation in India in 2008, and since then, it is able to become one of the leading brands in the country. All its apparels are available at quite budget-friendly and high-end ranges. Most of its collections are suitable for both casual and formal occasions. 


Levi’s is known for its iconic jeans but it has a wide range of product lines in the clothing industry. Because of its top-notch quality, the products available under its categories are worth its value. It is one of the strong fashion and clothing brands that has also expanded its reach online.

Today, you can buy high-quality affordable apparel online from Levi’s. Be it a polo neck tshirt for men or round neck t shirts or any formal wear, Levi’s is the most suitable platform where you can get them at an affordable price range. Besides that, it has a collection of denim, shirts, and other casual and formal wear for men, women, and kids.

There’s rarely a young man in India who doesn’t own denim jeans from Levi’s. Levi Strauss started this company in the year 1853 and today it has reached the height that it is competing with top premium brands in the country.

This is the list of the top 5 clothing brands in India that you can choose to appear classy and stylish. If you want to make some smart additions to your wardrobe choose one of these brands and buy the piece that aligns with your personality and preferences. 

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