Top Tips for Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions allow you to adjust your style and up your hair game. Immediately changing your hair from short to long or adding additional volume, clip-in extensions are a responsibility let loose venture to exchanging your style.

Guaranteeing your extensions look normal and are agreeable in your hair is particularly significant, while your aftercare routine will assume an essential part of your life span.

Here, we are sharing our top tips for your clip-in extensions; with a touch of training, you will quickly be a hair extensions ace!

Backcombing Your Roots

For the hair extensions to hold serenely in your hair, delicately backcomb the roots before application. Utilize a characteristic fiber brush to avoid harming the hair and tenderly backcomb around 1 inch from the scalp. For ideal hold, utilize a light fog of hairspray at the root before cutting your clip in hair ponytail extensions to add a surface.

Weft Position

Begin with your more modest clip wefts at the scruff of your neck and stir up to your 4 clip and volumizing weft towards the crown of your head; contingent upon the thickness of your hair, you ought to leave around 1-2cm between each line. Following this, reflect the single-clip pieces and the excess 2-cut wefts around the sides of your head.

If you have fine hair, try not to clip extensions inside the crown segment, as you risk showing the extension tracks.

Clip In Hair Extensions
Clip In Hair Extensions

Concealing the Base Segment

Extraordinary for those with exceptionally thick hair or a more limited, gruff hairstyle, the segment of hair at the scruff of the neck is bound to stand out while wearing hair extensions.

To avoid a noticeable normal hairline, plait or bend the base segment of hair and pin it into a little bun; attempt to utilize a minimal measure of groups or hair clips. You can then start by cutting your most memorable line to this part.

Corner to corner Situation

If you have more limited hair around the edge of your face, you will need to feather your extensions to supplement your style. With your two-clip and single-clip wefts, put them corner to corner on the hairline, separating your crown into a ‘V’ development; this will frequently begin from the highest point of your eyebrow and meet at the level of your head.

Ponytail Hack

Need to accomplish that executioner Power Pony? Apparent hack; start by segmenting your hair to apply for your extensions to the surprise of no one. Rather than cutting them upstanding, flick the extensions over and apply them ‘topsy turvy’; this tip will make the style more agreeable to hold.

Brushing Your Extensions

Keeping your mane in top condition is fundamental when utilizing hair expansions. A decent extensions-accommodating hairbrush won’t just save your braids from pointless breakage and require more regular substitutions; it will likewise assist with keeping your normal hair looking great.

Try not to brush your extensions while wet; hair is more delicate when it assimilates dampness and is inclined to breakage. Utilize a wide-tooth brush to delicately unravel the hair beginning at the finishes and moving gradually up to the root.

Our circle brush is a specific extension hairbrush that does not harm the trim weft and stops pointless aftermath. Different brushes for your clasp in extensions would be a TangleTeezer or WetBrush.

Curly Clip in Hair Extensions
Curly Clip in Hair Extensions

Putting away Hair extensions

After taking out your clip in’s, we prescribe brushing them through to eliminate any bunches and abstain from matting; you may likewise utilize our everyday upkeep Silicone Spritz splash to detangle the hair. This will add delicate quality to and draw out the life expectancy of your extensions. If you wish to integrate your clips extensions the short-term, utilize a silk or silk scrunchie to avoid any crimps or harm.

Kindly don’t rest in that frame of mind in hair extension; it will not exclusively bring about possible matting of the hair, yet it will overwhelm your delightful regular locks!

Mixing Sets

You can mix two shades of hair extensions if your hair is multi-apparent or in the middle between conceals.

To fit more wefts around your head, stack the wefts on top of one another. You can likewise utilize this stunt to make more volume or to accomplish an Ombre look. If you are layering your wefts, use two columns for every part and clip them to a liberal measure of hair to easily hold the weight.

Washing Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are not continually appended to normal hair or worn for the time being. Consequently, they won’t have to be routinely washed. If your extensions have many items that move toward brush out and should be cleaned, utilize a without-sulfate cleanser. Sulfates will take dampness from your extensions, making them weak and dull in variety.

See our top suggested cleanser for your extensions here.

We emphatically prompt against utilizing dry cleanser on your hair extensions; it can bring about item development and will dry out your extensions. On the other hand, you can renew your extensions with our Silicone Spritz, which is exceptionally intended to keep up with the delicateness of your extensions while empowering them to endure longer. Also read, beginners guide to sew in hair extensions.


To guarantee the most usual mix as expected, we suggest styling your hair extensions after they have been cut to your hair. Doing this will assist the finishes of your regular hair by mixing flawlessly into the extensions as you are styling.

A straighter haircut can frequently make your relaxed hair more observable while wearing extensions. Make a development to your hair by styling it into waves or twists for a consistent mix.

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