What Is Facial Acupuncture, the New Botox?

Many people’s faces quiver in anticipation of pain whenever the term “Facial Acupuncture” is spoken. Think about how much worse their reaction would be. as soon as you inform them that you will be inserting acupuncture needles into their faces. Although there has been a long history of face acupuncture, interest in it is now growing. In the past, getting acupuncture for aesthetic reasons was considered an indulgence. the historical period of the Warring States in China (475–221 BC). They are commonly kept for the Empress and the Imperial concubines because of their beauty, health, and longevity. 1

Recent research confirm the value of face acupuncture for aesthetic outcomes. Aesthetic face acupuncture was used in China 300 times. 90% of patients report concrete benefits after only one session of treatment. derived from a 1996 paper in the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture. The ultimate effect was skin that was smoother and more uniformly toned, more elastic, and less wrinkled (not merely confined to the face). 2

Contrary to what Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) claims,

Acupuncture is not just used to cure issues with appearance. Beauty comes from inside, given the close connection between health and attractiveness. A number of meridians are said to connect look and health in TCM. having branches that lead there, beginning on the face, or ending on the face 3 For instance, poor Qi and blood flow to the face is usually associated with facial skin discoloration. As a consequence, pigmentation may be addressed with acupuncture at certain acupoints that are far from the face.

What is acupuncture for the face, and how may it benefit your skin?

During facial acupuncture, tiny, disposable acupuncture needles are put into certain places on the face, head, and neck. This is commonly carried out for aesthetic reasons, with an emphasis on anti-aging and face rejuvenation. The collagen protein is responsible for the firmness and brightness of the skin. As we become older, its production decreases. It could cause our skin’s suppleness to decline and the development of wrinkles. Positive microdamage caused by needling promotes the creation of collagen, blood flow, and the slowing or reversal of the ageing process. The enhanced localised blood supply, which is made possible by the tightened and strengthened face tissues, contributes to a radiant complexion. 4

Facial acupuncture

Reduces the signs of ageing by revitalising the skin, bringing about a young glow, nourishing Qi circulation, an increase in blood flow, the synthesis of collagen and elastin, as well as regulating Qi and internal zang fu organs.

It improves overall health and wellness, revitalises the body, reduces stress, and brightens the skin. minimises wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines. Dark circles and bags also help to reduce puffiness on the face and around the eyes. enhances the balance of hormones and face muscle tone. tightens pores, lessens acne and hormonal acne, and makes the muscles in the face more flexible. To get in touch with Best Facial Acupuncture Singapore, please visit this link.

What advantages for health may face acupuncture offer?

TCM takes a holistic approach to the system as a whole. Additionally, skin issues typically point to a deeper imbalance. aid in achieving a glowing, healthy complexion. Facial acupuncture aims to stabilise the internal environment of the body and fortify its constitution. Consequently, in addition to triggering acupoints on the face. Acupoints on the wrists, knees, and other relevant body regions are also used. This will solve the problem’s underlying cause.

Based on the person’s underlying health issues and particular ageing concerns, the exact acupoints are selected. This is stated in The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine. The condition of the internal zang fu organs is said to be connected to one’s complexion, hair, and skin, according to the Huang Di Nei Jing, which was allegedly authored by a well-known Chinese emperor in approximately 2600 BC. [3] The lungs directly govern the skin, whereas the kidneys specifically control the hair. This medical classic also examines the link between diet and health. Additionally, it offers dietary advice for both Chinese food and medications.

Face acupuncture typically takes time to work,

In contrast to Western facial treatments. It provides a complete approach to treating skin issues and is a personalised treatment based on the entire health of the body. This will lead to long-term improvements in the state of the body and skin. a skin tone that is lighter, for instance. less bags under the eyes, more supple skin, and a more defined jawline. Facial acupuncture has a similar side effect as acupuncture, which is minor bruising after roughly every five treatments. When compared to other, more intrusive treatments, this facial method requires comparatively less recovery time.

At Facial Acupuncture, we want people to realise how important it is to take care of their health. further to provide TCM therapy at a fair price. It is our duty to ensure that everyone is inspired to lead a disease-free lifestyle and that their immune systems are boosted.

Who should consider face acupuncture?

The majority of healthy people can get face acupuncture without any danger. but before beginning facial acupuncture. It’s critical to speak with one of our experts if you think you may have a skin infection. open wounds, tumours, bleeding problems, critical diseases, or emergency circumstances. The session will concentrate more on bodily acupoints than face ones in situations of severe acne.

What would a comprehensive face acupuncture treatment plan entail?

For the greatest outcomes, a recommended treatment schedule calls for 10 sessions, done 1-2 times each week. One may need to continue having sessions every two to four weeks to sustain the effects after that, depending on the state of their body.

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