What Kinds of Plastic Bags Can Be Safely Used in The UK

by Andrew Smith
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Plastic Carrier Bags

Plastics in today’s time are banned by almost all the governments of the world. The most important thing is that these plastics may seem to be life saviours at times but are actually life threatening in reality. They do not decompose for over a thousand years, are carcinogenic in nature and a reason to various global problems such as pollution, etc. The governments in the UK has specially banned these plastic carrier bags and has only allowed the usage of a certain kinds of plastics which are not very thin so that they can be reused. The malls in the UK have plastic recycling machines which makes recycling an easy and quick process.

But, there are a number of things which cannot be easily used without the use of plastics such as non- veg items, wet food items, heavy displacement items, etc. For all these reasons, the government has allowed the usage of a few plastics which are not very toxic and can be re used for a number of times. The plastic ban prohibits merchants from providing single-use and ultralight polyethene carry bags with a thickness of less than 35 microns. Biodegradable carrying bags are also prohibited since their thickness is much less than 35 microns. They are still constructed of polyethylene, but include a chemical that makes them simpler to degrade apart than ordinary plastic bags. Such bags also affect the nature and are very different from the biodegradable plastic carrying bags derived from plant fibre.

In this article we will be discussing the various kinds of usable and non- toxic plastics which are environment friendly and can make your life easier without interfering with the environment.

What Plastic Items Cannot Be Used in The UK?

There are a number of plastic items which are banned in the UK and anyone found guilty of using them will be levied a fine. These items are banned by the government keeping in mind the safety standards and the eco- consciousness practices that are being widely practiced these days. The packaging supplies plastic items such as micro plastics PVC packaging, disposable plastic cutlery, cotton buds, disposable plastic plates and bowls, plastic hot drink stirrers, polystyrene packaging, plastic straws, etc are strictly prohibited.

What Plastics Items Can Be Used Then?

Barrier bags are roll-dispensed carry bags. It is accessible and may be found while purchasing non- veg items, wet food, cold or frozen food, etc. Typically, fish, meat, and other organic stuffs such as fruits and vegetables are damp. As a result, it requires strong storing that is unlikely to readily snap. These bags are ideal for such things. Commercial and plastics which can be reused are heavier plastic shopping bags. Major retailers and clothes store often use heavy plastic for helping their customers to carry things. Recently, many stores carry them as well. The amazing thing about such carriers is you are able to reuse them several times, saving you money on shopping bags. You may use these bags every time you step out for purchasing your essentials.

What Plastics are Food Safe?

Plastic containers are convenient for food preservation since they do not spill readily and keep the items safe inside them. In the UK, nevertheless, some types of plastic containers are permitted for storing edible items. Not all carrier bags were permitted as when food is placed in plastic containers, there is a risk that toxins from these containers can enter the food and through that infect humans. To be healthy, experts suggest that everyone should be using high-quality self-seal poly ethylene bags or recyclable and biodegradable brown paper postal bag. Quality food bags made of at least 200g food-grade plastic must essentially be used. By using the proper food containers, you may avoid contamination and germs.

Summing Up

There are a number of reasons which will make you think that life without plastics will not be an easy one. We as a generation have become so used to these plastic bags that imagining a life without it seems to be tough and full of inconvenience. But, in order to keep the balance between man and nature we must resort to greener practices such as using bags made up of kraft paper roll, etc.

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