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What is the importance of custom boxes? Is it advantageous? It is not only beneficial for the recognition of the brand but also to boost sales. Custom pillow boxes are used to pack a wide range of items. They look catchy in appearance and give a haven to the packed items. The charming presentation of the box leaves the onlookers in awe. Their trust establishes, and the brand’s positive image is subsequently created.

Our company is the ultimate option for you. We offer a plethora of personalized solutions to create a special pillow package. Our packaging creators are capable of creating any box. Lie your trust in us; we will ensure you will not be disappointed. Call us now to place an order and bring your business to life.

What are the Important Elements of Our Custom Pillow Boxes?

Why choose us for pillow box packaging?

  1. We manufacture boxes in all custom shapes, sizes, and colors.
  2. Our boxes are made of sustainable and long-lasting material.
  3. Our highly skilled designers print boxes with the trendiest designs and illustrations to create impressive packaging.
  4. We use various add-ons, laminations, and embellishments to add charm to the box packaging.
  5. Additionally, we offer remarkable services at very cost-effective prices.
  6. You can avail of a discount on pillow boxes wholesale.

Pillow Boxes Designed with Custom Logo and Artwork:

Printing boxes with colorful designs, images, and graphics fascinate the onlookers. Today customers take notice of packaging and do not bother to think about the inside item. There is a great likelihood that customers will buy products by viewing the box. So, our pillow box with a logo is a wonderful source to promote your business. A stunning logo design printed with catchy colors attracts the audience’s attention in the meantime. A brand’s name gets imprinted in their minds, and they make it their destination. Ultimately, the company’s name gets appreciated, and business sales are improved. Besides this, you can also add enticing portraits and illustrations to create the packaging more pleasing.

The desire for Eco-Friendly Packaging? Join Hands with iCustomBoxes

in the present age, no one can falsify the significance of renewable packaging. Brands and manufacturers are on the same page. Do you wish to give a green touch to packaging? Collaborate with us. Our manufacturing process entirely contains eco-friendly customized solutions as we acknowledge the importance of unharmful packaging for the atmosphere. Our packaging material, printing inks, laminations, and add-ons are one hundred percent safe for the environment’s health. Regarding printing stock, we utilize kraft paper and cardboard. You can recycle the packaging without polluting the surroundings.

Choose Add-Ons and Coatings for Pillow Box Packaging:

We equip an extensive range of additional features to create an enduring and magnificent printed pillow box. What does include in add-ons and coatings?

Coatings help in creating long-lasting and alluring packaging. Our coatings options include:

  • matte coating
  • gloss lamination
  • aqueous coating
  • spot UV

On the other hand, add-ons solutions involve:

  • ribbons
  • handles
  • hang tabs
  • window cut-outs
  • PVC sheets
  • perforations
  • gluing

ribbons work as garnishing for the box. While we make the addition of handles and hang tabs for easy handling. The pillow box with widow cut-outs looks delightful and showcases the items attractively in front of the buyers. The fascinating exhibition of luxurious items enchants the onlookers and becomes impossible to avoid for them.

Enhance the Worth of Pillow Packaging with the Application of Finishings:

The involvement of finishings is the final stage of customization. We apply different embellishments and finishings to conclude and adorn the packaging. Finishing options involve:


Embossing highlights a particular part of the surface of the packaging. And gives a three-dimensional effect.


In contrast to embossing, debossing presses the specific printed image and design.

Foil stamping (silver/gold foiling):

The use of foil stamping in silver and gold colors gives an elegant appearance to the packaging.

Why Choose iCustomBoxes?

Are you Looking for a reliable and reasonable packaging provider? End this quest as you have reached the correct place. Our experts have years of expertise and produce an extraordinary box following your requirements. The delivery of customer’s assured services has ranked us among the first-rate packaging supplier in the USA and Canada. Our company aims to supply high-end services at cost-effective rates. Reach us and

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